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This is the home of Varia’s xmpp.streambot!

When the streambot is listening … it saves all images that are sent to the muc and streams them to was written by Ruben van der Ven during Relearn 2017. is based on It is a custom Varia bot that will communicate one day with our Pelican plugins-custom/stream plugin. :)

git hooks (disabled at the moment)

There are git-hooks enabled that will stop and (re)start streambot on every commit.

pre-receive: streambot is stopped

post-update: the repository is updated with a pull, streambot is started

start streambot manually

To start the streambot:

sudo systemctl start streambot.service

To check its status:

sudo systemctl status streambot.service

To stop it:

sudo systemctl stop streambot.service

Error logs go to:

sudo journalctl -xe